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destination : Songjeong Beach Station : Haeundae
You can see Songjeong Beach when you go down the scenic coastal road a while via the winding road on Dalmaji Hill.
Songjeong Beach with fine white sands look as if it is covered with tiny beads. You can enjoy sea bathing until late summer because the water is shallow and the waves are gentle.
Many tourists who know the zest of the winter sea frequent this place, because Songjeong is the starting point of the East Coast. Around the beach are there quality restaurants, eateries, bungalow-shaped bars, and raw fish centers. The northeastern tip of the beach is popular with anglers, with fresh water and rocks mingled.

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Tel : Haeundae-gu Office (051)749-4081
Homepage :
Tel : Gijang-gun (051)722-0001
Homepage :
Tel : Songjeong Tourist Information Center (051)749-5705
Traffic : Take Metro Line No. 2 and get off at Haeundae. (Exit 7)
íŠ Take Bus No. 100, 100-1, 139, 142.