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destination : Haeundae Spa Area Station : Haeundae
The Haeundae Spa is a sea-front spa, and visitors can enjoy both sea bathing and spa bathing freely. The water is an alkaline, simple-saline water, colorless, transparent, and odorless, but tastes al little salty.
The water temperature of the Haeundae Spa is kept between 45~50C (113~122 F), and, with a great amount of radium in it, it is effective for diverse diseases, especially maldigestion, endometritis, rheumatism, dermatolosis, high-blood pressure, and constipation.
There are numerous public spas such as the Haeundae Spa, the Seoul Spa, and Songdotang, and about 80 nearby inns and hotels also use the spa water.

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Traffic : Take Metro Line 2. and get off at Haeundae. (Exit 3)
íŠ Walk 10 mins.