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destination : Dalmaji (moon-viewing) Hill Station : Jung-dong
The hill on the ridgeline of Wausan Mountain located in the midway of Mipo and
Cheongsapo is a popular place to see both the moonrise and the sunrise. The scenic view of the coastal sea in harmony with the first full-moon light is especially superb. The 15-curved coastal road starting here, called "Sibogokdo," is the city's best scenic road, with nearby cherry trees and pine forest in good harmony with a magnificent view of the sea. In April, the tunnel of cherry blossoms makes a splendid view.

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Traffic : Take Metro Line No. 2 and get off at Jung dong. (Exit 7)
íŠ Take Bus No. 100 and get off at Seongsim Hospital.
íŠ Walk 15 mins.